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Take Your Business to the Next Level without Having to Spend even more Time Working

I’m talking about generating leads and income while you’re sleeping, TRAVELING, playing with your children and doing whatever else it is that makes you smile...

Sounds AMAZING right???

Welcome To The Passive Profit Creator!

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I've personally generated multiple 6-figures passively through building out my own branded sales flow system. 

With this, I've been able to recruit dozens of highly qualified prospects into my Network Marketing Business AND I've generated 6-Figures in product sales and coaching.

How did I do it?

By placing my message in front of thousands of people who are my perfect prospects at one time by removing myself from the equation.

YES! Removing myself...

The problem I see is that most entrepreneurs are doing Facebook like everyone else is doing Facebook, and there’s nothing that truly sets you apart. This is why I put an emphasis on building your own personal brand (because that’s where it begins). 

However, there is another problem I see all the time... 

Confusion when it comes to creating an online sales flow system (also knows as a funnel), so allow me to help you simplify your learning curve so we can get your freedom back. 

If you're saying YES to any of this right now, PERFECT.

That means that you are an entrepreneurial ROCKSTAR who seriously wants to grow their business effectively, and I have something special just for you ;)

Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's do this!

I Need This!

Heather G. 

Success Alert!

"Julie has been wonderful to work with! I love how she supports you while getting you into action to move in the right direction. When I first started coaching with her, I wasn't sure which direction I should be going and I only had 50 likes on my fan page. Julie encouraged me each week on our calls and helped me push through some challenges and fears.  

I'm now doing Facebook live videos 5 to 6 times a week and have over 600 likes/leads on my pages within weeks! My FB likes Ad we created together is converting at 0.15 which is incredible. I learned that having a mentor while investigating in your personal development is priceless. If you want to move forward in your business you should definitely work with Julie."

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Joann D. 

"Julie is great to work with because she's so thorough and really provides a lot of value. She's so good at helping you to see what you're capable of and cast a vision of where you can go based on your personal strengths and passions. I learned how to put together a compelling offer and then build automation to pull in leads. 

If you are looking for someone to help you to the next level in your business, Julie is the one to get you there. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplished under her leadership."

  • How to create a uniquely branded funnel specifically designed to you .
  •  How to grow a highly engaged email list of subscribers who are eager to learn about your products and business. 
  • The best way to build your Facebook Business Page...fan page. (I’ll even show you how you can schedule out your posts to save time.)
  • How to run your Facebook Likes campaign to generate leads on what it costs for a cup of coffee
  • How to find your perfect customers and prospects so you can save time and embarrassment talking to people that just aren’t interested.
  • My top tips to convert leads into sales in a very authentic way that actually serves your audience.


This system allows you to maximize your time so you can control who you work with, how you work with them, and best of all, this system allows you to put the right people who are highly qualified in front of your offer AUTOMATICALLY.

Can you imagine being at the beach on vacation, shopping, hanging out with your familyor better yet...sleeping and waking up to an inbox of leads, sales or new team members?


Module 1:  Fan Page Funnel Domination

  • Create a fan page and learn what you should be posting on that page to attract fans and keep them.

  •  ​Learn what a sales funnel is and how to use one to turn your Facebook fans into profits.
  •  Convert your Facebook fans into highly enthusiastic members or distributors.
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Module 2:  Fan Page Profit Machine

  • Copy the exact five-step process that I used to turn my Fan Page into a Profit Machine.

  •  ​Create credibility and clarity with a traffic plan that automatically brings leads to you.
  • Learn the best ways to interact and build relationships with your fans to monetize with authenticity.

Module 3:  Fast Track to Your 6-Figure Funnel

  • ​Gain a deeper understanding of what a sales funnel is and how it can work for you.

  •  Get an inside look at the 8 funnels that will help you generate more leads without leaving home.
  •  Learn what lead magnets and capture pages are and why they are essential to your funnel.
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Module 4:  Point, Shoot, and Profit

  • ​Learn what Attraction Marketing is and how you can utilize it to draw people into your business naturally.

  •  Figure out the best ways to attract more people to you through your Fan Page.
  •  ​Copy my 5-step blueprint for creating a rock solid Facebook Live video that hooks people in and encourages engagement.

Module 5:  Email Engagement Automation

  • ​Learn the importance of email marketing to your business and funnel and the two main advantages that it has over social media.

  •  Create emails your audience LOVES to get with the three key parts of a winning email.
  •  ​Copy my 5-day email sequence for a smooth transition from opt-in to offer.
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Module 6:  Facebook Marketing Bonus Module

  • ​Delve into learning how to set up your own LIKES campaign to gain new raving fans.

  • Learn how to convert those fans into buyers
  • Learn audience insights to create awareness on whom you are attracting and how to optimize attracting more ideal clients
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System Training 1

How to Set Up Your First Fan Page

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System Training 2

How to Schedule Posts on Your Fan Page

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System Training 3

How to Create Memes Using Canva

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System Training 4

How to Read Your Facebook Analytics

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System Training 5

How to Set Up a Likes Campaign

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System Training 6

How to Set Up Your First Clickfunnels Optin

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System Training 7

How to Use Active Campaign

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System Training 8

How to Use Aweber

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System Training 9

How to Set Up and Use ManyChat Facebook Messenger Bot

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"I've had a huge success since working with her..."

Working with Julie has been an incredible experience. I gained so much knowledge and support. She has a way of building belief in people and keeping them focused on income producing activities!  

She helped me stay focused and TRUE to my vision, mission, & brand and that I can build a huge team without having to sacrifice my voice or personality, in fact, that's what truly attracted people to me! 

I’ve had huge success since working with her and gained 4 new business partners.

I would 100% work with her over and over again. 

Heck yeah!

1:1 client experience

~ Lisa M. - Founder of Honey Mustard Media and The Therapy Show Podcast

"So thankful that I made this investment in myself and my business."

The amount of content and clarity in this course is over the top. 

With one strategy alone just from a Tech Bonus Segment I added 100 + followers in 2 days! 

Thank you Julie Burke for pouring your heart into this content!"

~ Paris

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If you’re done hustling for your paycheck...

If you’re done trying to figure out how to set up automated systems for your business and getting nowhere... 

If you’re feeling exhausted from creating endless content and just hoping people eventually reach out to you...

Then you want Passive Profit Creator in your life.

Building your business through hope marketing and keeping your fingers crossed that people will actually purchase your product or want to join your company isn't a successful strategy.

Instead you want to create an irresistible offer and place it in front of your perfect prospect. That way you can generate more customers, clients, and teammates which ultimately leads to maximizing your income.

Let's get you started! 



100% Risk Reversal

No questions asked, if you aren't 100% satisfied, I will personally refund your investment within 30 days.  Just reach out by email and I'd be happy to help.

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