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Looking to Generate Leads and Sales Organically

Win at Attraction Marketing By Setting Up Your Profile to Become a Lead Generation Machine and Proven Scripts, Swipes and Strategies to Create More Sales...

Without Feeling Sleazy Or Spending Tons Of Money Or Time On Social Media

Get your Perfect-fit Dream clients, customers or team members to start the sales conversation with you instead of constantly searching for anyone with a heart beat who “might be” a potential client, customer or team member...

Learn how to leverage Facebook to sell your products without actually selling

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Can I just say how grateful I am for you??—- I launched my group today and took the steps inside your social selling course... I updated my bio, my profile and have been using stories like you teach inside course and I have 9 pending request to my group and I’m not even done setting it up

You were the clarity booster I needed— I’m ready to run again, thank you so much! Thank you 
-Dr. Melva, Network Marketing Pro

What you are doing now isn't getting you the result you want - SALES

I know that you want more sales. You've probably looked into Facebook to sell your products but just can't figure out how to tame the beast that is Facebook to get more sales.

You’ve heard of other successful Network Marketers getting sales directly from Facebook. Meanwhile, all you’re getting is FRUSTRATED with the "Send Friend Request" game.

You’re posting your heart out, and wondering what the heck they know that you don’t.

THE FACT IS....... Your dream clients, customers or team members are already on Facebook. And they are looking for you just like you are looking for them

THE PROBLEM IS.... What you are doing now isn't getting you the result you want - sales.

Sure, a handful of people would accept your friend request each week. You might get some likes on your posts. Maybe a few comments, if you’re lucky.

But you can’t take any of that to the bank.

The number of Facebook friends and hearts don’t pay the bills.

And let's be real 


✓ You don't have time or energy to invest in tactics that don't bring you revenue.

✓ You are sick and tired of people saying no to your products and offers. And you want it to stop.

✓ No more do you want to hear just crickets when you talk to people about your products and offers.

✓ And you are tired of wasting hours with sales conversations that doesn't convert into sales.


Sounds like the story of your life?

What if you had a better strategy to attract your

Dream Clients, Customers or Team Members?

One that lets you not just start a conversation with your dream clients, customers or team members, but also progress that into a sales conversation effortlessly - without feeling sleazy!

Look, I get it. I used to think I had to be famous, or have a fan page with thousands of likes to actually get clients through Facebook .
Contrary to popular belief, no blue checks, or thousands upon thousands of followers are required to get results from this platform.

The truth is, Facebook is the only platform that lets you easily (and non-sleazily) open up conversations with friends and strangers alike.

The secret isn’t being everywhere, blasting out posts...
The secret is mastering Social Selling On Facebook.

And I’ve made it easy for you to build a client-attracting Facebook Profile with a step-by-step system...


The Social Selling Superstar

Step-by step process of using Facebook to network, prospect, research, engage, collaborate, teach, and close all with the purpose of increasing revenue on a consistent basis..


Turning your Facebook profile into a Powerful Sales Machine that attracts clients who Are willing to buy from you.

Getting into conversations with them with absolute confidence knowing you have strategy and scripts that are proven to get sales.

People saying YES to your products and offers each time you talk to them.

Stop wasting time on people who will not buy from you.... AND start getting paying customers using 7-Figure Social Selling Strategies & Scripts

Get Social Selling Superstar Now For Only $27!

Here's what people have to say about

Social Selling Superstar 

"Social selling superstar is THE go-to if you are looking to grow your business on social media or take your sales to the next level. Julie teaches each module in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand but also lights a fire under you to go and put the work in. I cannot recommend this course enough, it's a course that anyone who uses social media for their business needs!!"

-Allison L,

Online Business Manager

"I can't recommend Social Selling Superstar enough if you have an online business or your a Network Marketer looking to attract leads organically. This training is clear, concise and has a paint by numbers approach. Julie definitely gives so much value. The bonuses alone were worth more than price of this training."

-Julie R,

YouTube Coach & Network Marketing Pro

What Is The Social Selling Superstar?

The FASTEST Way To Sell On Social
Most people limit themselves by believing that good results take a long time. While it can work that way, it doesn't have to. Not when your marketing arsenal includes the secret social selling formulas 7 figure Network Marketers use every day to generate new leads & sales through Facebook.
Turn Facebook Profile Into Revenue Stream

Master social selling for every single product you promote. Get access to proven Scripts, Swipes & Process 7-figure Network Marketers use. I have used the same system to build a highly profitable Network Marketing System using Facebook in just 12 months.

A Value First Approach That Fills Your FB Messenger With Buyers

I'll share my proven framework broken down into step-by-step method so easy even an eight year old could follow. It works for ANY product in ANY market. Discover exactly how to merge social, content and sales.

Step-By-Step Approach

Video instructions and plug-n-play script swipes dedicated to social selling for Network Marketers. All you need is a smart phone, and you can sell your products on social media using Social Selling Superstar.

Everything myself and my students personally use even today to sell my products on FB without ever feeling salesy or spamming others' inboxes.

I’ve known Julie for a few years now and investing in her coaching has always been a smart decision for my business. She knows her stuff and she cares about the people she serves. Julie has helped me fine tune my brand, my message, become more visible, and feel more confident showing up and playing bigger. Investing in Julie and her Social Selling Superstar is a wise decision.

- Johanna H,

Online Marketing Pro

Inside Social Selling Superstar

7 action packed modules & downloadable swipes designed to fast track your social selling efforts


Module One

Social Selling Framework

Value $97

Discover what social selling is and why is it important. Become a profitable relationship builder and embrace key aspects of why social selling is revolutionizing the way we do business.


Module Two

Magnetic Profile Formula

Value $97

How to hack your social media profile into a money making machine that attracts prospects to you like a magnet day-in and day-out.


Module Three

Social Selling Formula

Value $97

The exact formula I use to rapidly move my prospects from strangers to sales conversation. This formula has been proven to work in any market for any product.


Module Four

Profit Maximizer

Value $97

Equip your marketing arsenal with this extensive list of strategies, tips, best practices and Million $ Sales tips that you can apply to maximize your sales results.


Module Five

Money Is In The Script

Value $97

Not sure what to say? No problem. Scripts are a powerful conversation tool without worrying about what to say without coming off sleazy. Discover why scripts are essential to your business success and model the scripts used by 7 figure Network Marketers.


Module Six

Open Door Script Templates

Value $97

Say good bye to confusion and use these 30 open door script templates to ensure you make a positive connection, impression and conversation that will authentically build your network.


Module Seven

Create The Close

Value $97

Simple steps to Create the Close so selling doesn’t become about you but will have them saying YES Faster!

Get Social Selling Superstar Now For Only $27!


You Also Get These 4 Incredible Bonuses

Bonus 1

'Sell Without Sleaze' with John Melton

Value $197

90 minutes video training with 7 figure Network marketer John Melton to discover how to 'Sell Without Sleaze' with understanding these 5 Key Principles why people purchase. Make the sale quicker without the conversation dragging long.

Bonus 2

41 Bullet Proof One Liners

Value $97

Never worry about what to say again to break the ice with these Cold Market Conversation Starters.


Bonus 3

Social Media Accelerator

Value $97

The Network Marketers Guide to building Compelling Posts, Authentic Connections and Rapid Sales.

Bonus 4

Online Team Builder's Guide

Value $97

The Go To Guide For Network Marketers Who Want to Attract Prospects and Leads Authentically Using Social Media.

Give Me Acess Now!

Meet The Creator

Julie Burke


Julie is a 7 Figure Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Top Earner. Her training company specializes in Brand Development and Creating Simple Marketing & Lead Systems for Online Business Owners. Her motto is "if your hustlin, you're doing it wrong."


She has built large teams that have done multiple millions in sales and overall has generated 7 Figures using social selling. Her passion is now mentoring others in business and life skills so they can become their own success story!

Here's what people are saying about Julie

"My marketing and branding strategy has improved and I've gained clarity with my message since working with Julie. If you want to see your business skills jump to the next level, then I recommend Julie" - Elizabeth G

"Julie is so real, down to earth and knowledgeable. She helps you to overcome your fears, get out of your own way and start doing what you need to change your business" - Allison V

"Julie is the real deal, genuine, tells it like it is and will push you to do the things you need to be successful in the online/social media space. She did exactly what she teaches…attracted me to her." - Shelly W

Social Selling Superstar Is An Incredible Bargain


If you had to pay a sales specialist to increase your sales on social media, it would cost more than $1,000.

And that's just for an average sales specialist. If you wanted to hire a top sales specialist, that figure would be $5,000. At least.

I'm making Social Selling Superstar available for a fraction of that.

And you're getting an incredible value:

 $679 worth of training and scripts.
$488 worth of bonus training ans scripts to make your success easier and faster.

That's worth at least $ 1,167

My passion is to mentor other Network Marketers like you to write your own success story. And I want to help maximum number of Network Marketers to get immense success while saving time.

And hence I'm offering my Social Selling Superstar for the low price of

Just $27!

Social Selling Framework:   VALUE $97

Magnetic Profile Formula:   VALUE $97

Social Selling Formula:   VALUE $97

Profit Maximizer:   VALUE $97

Money Is In The Script:   VALUE $97

31 Open Door Script Templates:   VALUE $97

Create The Close:   VALUE $97

BONUS 1: Sell Without Sleaze With John Melton:   VALUE $197

BONUS 2: 41 Bullet Proof One-liners:   VALUE $97

BONUS 3: Social Media Accelerator:   VALUE $97

BONUS 4: Team Builders Guide:   VALUE $97

TOTAL VALUE :     $1,167



Give Me Access NOW!
  • No More Hearing Crickets When You Talk To People About Your Products And Offers
  • No More Feeling Uncomfortable Getting Into Sales Conversations.
  • No More Wasting Hours With Sales Conversations That Doesn't Convert Into Sales.
  • You can have all of these with Social Selling Superstar

You can have all of these with Social Selling Superstar

This Is A Limited Time Offer

Why Should You Get Social Selling Superstar Now?

(My aim with Social Selling Superstar is to enable 500 women in Network Marketing business to authentically sell their products on social media without ever worrying about sales again.


And, when we reach that number

the price will go up to $147.


So, if you are serious about increasing your sales using social media, then I strongly request you to take advantage of this discounted price while it's still available.

I Don't Want To Miss This Opportunity

A Personal Note From Julie Burke


I urge you not to ignore this offer.


I know you don't want to continue...

wondering why you have such low sales in spite of promoting a great product.

↠ Losing your motivation because you are having a difficult time reaching your desired success in spite of all the hard work you put in

 spending hours on social media trying to sell but to no avail

 believing you suck at sales, you cringe and avoid that word like the plague.

 feeling disappointed when you hear no and blame yourself (HINT, it's not YOU - It's your approach)

 settling for less business success than you're capable of


Sounds depressing, doesn't it?
It would be if you couldn't do anything to change it.


Fortunately, you can.
By making a small investment in Social Selling Superstar For Network Marketers today, you can experience the difference between stagnant sales and Mind-Blowing Results That Can Give You The Financial Freedom You Always Wanted and discover the difference for yourself!

PS: It's a simple fact. If you want higher sales, you need to have a better strategy and sales process. Social Selling Superstar For Network Marketers does that--easily, expertly, and inexpensively. For just $27!

 Try Social Selling Superstar with 7 days money back guarantee and catapult your sales 2X, 3X, or more!

For just $27!

Yes Julie, Am Ready!

Here's Everything You Get Today!

Social Selling Framework:   VALUE $97

Magnetic Profile Formula:   VALUE $97

Social Selling Formula:   VALUE $97

Profit Maximizer:   VALUE $97

Money Is In The Script:   VALUE $97

31 Open Door Script Templates:   VALUE $97

Create The Close:   VALUE $97

BONUS 1: Sell Without Sleaze With John Melton:   VALUE $197

BONUS 2: 41 Bullet Proof One-liners:   VALUE $97

BONUS 3: Social Media Accelerator:   VALUE $97

BONUS 4: Team Builders Guide:   VALUE $97

TOTAL VALUE :     $1,167



I Am Ready. Grant Me Access NOW!

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